Certification of our inner company system in conformity to SA8000 standard

During the Audit held by Dott. Fabio Mammarella and Dott.ssa Annarita Carozza of SGS Italia S.p.A. Company on last 10th December 2014, it came out the complete conformity of our inner company system regarding Ethics and Social Responsibility to the reference standard SA80.

By the analysis of provided documentation, of retributive and contributory company system regarding all inner human resources, of the application of health and safety policy for workers inside our facilities, and having privately interviewed almost the totality of our staff members, our Auditor finally delivered our Company’s Certificate of Conformity in date 11st December 2014.

After all due checks our Auditor did not retain necessary to stress out any particular default (total absence of non-conformities), but only a few suggestions, already acknowledged by Company Direction.

All this stated, this first Certification Audit had a positive result, with the compliments of Dott. Mammarella regarding the good company atmosphere he could find and the good training level of all Company’s staff members regarding processes and problems linked to Company’s ethic aspects.


CAMILLETTI S.r.l. by the implementation of its own inner system regarding Ethics and Social Responsibility entrust to all interested parties (stackeholders) a fundamental role both referring to the phase of Certification obtaining and to its maintenance.

This involvement will be realized first of all by the instrument of remarks, of claims and of recalls; each one of the interested parties (including workers) can indeed present a remark, a claim or a recall regarding the certification of the Company if aimed by improvement or stress out on a violation of any requirement of SA 8000 standard.

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